Dream dream dream …

I found something rather fascinating.

It’s a lighthouse/B&B for sale on Michigan’s Lake Superior coastline. There is just so much that’s right about this:

  • Absolutely beautiful and well-maintained building and grounds
  • Seven guests bedrooms and baths, fully furnished
  • Library
  • Sauna
  • Outside features include gazebo and pier
  • Suitable space for gardening
  • Fantastic location
  • Life in a lighthouse? Dream come true.

Who thinks this could be a perfect place for a holistic health retreat?

I do …

Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Cubes

We have a bit of a conundrum here: an overabundance of wheatgrass, and not enough people to use it all. So it’s time to get creative:

After my shift I juiced an extra bin of wheatgrass and immediately poured the juice into ice cube trays and placed them in the freezer. The intent is to retain as much nutritional value as possible, while creating additional benefits of the juice being store-able and portable. Oh yeah, and that’s less wheatgrass to let expire and be dumped into the compost.

I plan to use these to pay my yoga instructor as well as the girl who is picking me up for the class. This is what they mean by cash, ass or grass, right? 🙂


Friendly Flowers!

I love a good before and after story, especially when I’m involved in its creation process. 🙂

A few nights ago, I was wandering the premises and noticed that our front landscaping had a rather dismal appearance.

Is this really how we want to welcome people? I made a mental note to do something about it.

Then, while juicing wheatgrass the next morning, I was approached by Cheryl, with an interesting request:

“Hey, how would you like to do some planting today? Those planters out front … Do you have any ideas for them?”

DO I? 😀

Respectful of our current budget crunch, I suggested a simple flower flat from a local grower, and I went to work as soon as they arrived. I didn’t care that it was 100 degrees outside, when I am totally focused on a project like this, I lose awareness of anything that would prevent me from its completion (unless it’s an obstacle I need to overcome. So I would just water myself too when I watered the transplants). Beautiful, done.

Hi There, Care for a Drink?

Hi there. Care for a drink?

I am developing a concept of a raw juice bar which will provide delicious and nutritious benefits of organic wheatgrass, fruits, and vegetables to any health-conscious community. The name ‘Chlorophylia’ is a portmanteau of the words chlorophyll (green plant pigment) and -philia (Greek suffix for love), and when saying it aloud I can also hear “fill ya”, so it feels like a perfect fit for the venture.

Please make yourself comfortable, feel free to look around, and check in again soon for freshly updated information about this dream’s transformation into reality.

Soak Your Soul in a Wheatgrass Bath

Today’s circumstances aligned perfectly for the spontaneous creation process that is so enjoyable:

  • I noticed there was a large amount of extra wheatgrass juice in the cooler, left from yesterday, and I didn’t want to waste it;
  • While juicing, my eyes glanced over the duties list, and this one >> use 1-day old juice for baths << seemed to leap off the page;
  • That sounded appealing, but I wondered about a tub. The one the boys use isn’t an option. Then I remembered my friend Sollena, who just left for vacation this morning and had asked me to keep an eye on her room. I decided this might also include her private, clean bathroom;
  • I had free time for the next two hours.

Awesome, just like that!

I seized the moment and made the way over to my retreat within a retreat, supplies in tote:

  • ~15 ounces of yesterday’s best wheatgrass juice
  • 4 tea candles and lighter
  • mp3 player with playlist of relaxing water and flowing tunes
  • essential oil, I chose bergamot for the uplift
  • 2 fresh towels, one for floor and tub cleanup and one for body

I drew the bath with warm/hot water and added the oil and juice, lit the candles, turned the lights down low and closed the shower curtain, pressed play, and sank into a deeply relaxing and therapeutic energy. I submerged my entire body, including my head, and felt such appreciation for these elements doing their healing work on me. It was a space of no time and total presence, a gift, a treat for me. I had stepped into a whole new world of peace, and I carried it with me when I was guided to step out again and continue with the rest of my day. Calm, creative. Monday afternoon, made easy.

wheatgrass bath